About Radio Lib

Radio LIB is the first and only Liberian online radio station broadcasting in the United States. Our listeners enjoy live music from various genres including African, Reggae, Hip Hop, R & B and Soul. Songs composed and performed by artists from Liberian, Ghana, Ivory Coast and the rest of Africa are also featured on the station.

Listeners have the opportunity to participate in live interviews with Liberian personalities and artists and also send shout out to their family and friends in Liberia and the around the world.

Not only do we entertain, RadioLIB also broadcasts news and programs relevant to the daily lives of Liberian citizens in Liberia and the Liberian Diaspora. RadioLIB welcomes the general public.

We value our audience feedback and will love to hear from you!
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Community Involvement

RadioLIB creates awareness, identifies with other organizations to make the community stronger & is involved in activities that unite the community.


RadioLIB Annual Jamboree

Recognizing the needs for Liberians in the Diaspora to reunite and reflect on childhood experiences as well as identifying with cultural activities, RadioLIB organizes a Jamboree every year.


Mission Statement

RadioLIB is a non-profit, community based and volunteer run radio station for Liberians in Liberia and the Liberian Diaspora. RadioLIB’s purpose is to educate through programs, music, culture, and information in order to facilitate communication and help promote healthy relationships in our community.